Colouring Tiles are the new form of colouring for grown ups. This nicely designed box contains nine beautiful colouring plates of 20 x 20 cm, waiting to be coloured in.


Colour your own wall decoration

The paper of the Colouring Tiles is waterproof, which means you could also you use water pencils or paint in addition to your colour pencils. The Colouring Tiles can easily be hung on your wall with the included IXXI hanging system.

Flowers from Istanbul

The drawings on the Colouring Tiles are from Istanbul. Dutch artist Greet Haasnoot, creator of the Colouring Books for Grown Ups, collected these motifs from the authentic tile tableaus in this city.

Colouring Tiles by Colouring Book for Grown Ups

IXXI hanging system

Each box of Colouring Tiles contains the IXXI hanging system. This makes it easy to hang your tiles on the way. You can exchange or rearrange tiles at any time!

Environmental friendly

Colouring Tiles are produced in a environmental friendly way. The Stone Paper of which they are made contains no wood and is produced with less energy. The printing has been done in the Netherlands where strict rules are applied to protect the environment. For the packaging of the Colouring Tiles we work together with a company where people with disabilities are expertly guided to a possible re-integration into the labor market.

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