Colouring Posters


5 colouring posters with
storage and hanging case
+ 2 free Bruynzeel Design
colour pencils

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Colouring Posters are colouring pages on a larger scale. This package contains 5 posters with 5 different motifs and a unique plastic case to store and/or hang your posters. That makes it easy to hang your little artwork on your wall and enjoy it even more!

The five motifs are hand drawn by artist Greet Haasnoot after Dutch masters from the Rijksstudio collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam:

– Geranium
– Five studies of an anemone
– Sunflower
– Study with Sea Holly, Hop and Clematis
– Still life with flowers

The colouring posters are 29,7 x 40,0 cm (little smaller than A3) and fit the common 30 x 40 cm frames that you can buy in most shops.

Colouring posters on the wall